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Finding a dead man on his houseboat was not what John Logan needed. Things have become uncertain with Teri and Logan just wants to know why she's not returning his calls. The last thing he wanted was to come home to a murder. The dead man on Logan's houseboat leaves few clues to who he was or why he was there. Who killed him and why? And why are people suddenly after Logan? Add an enthusiastic reporter snooping around asking dangerous questions and things could get deadly.
The investigation will bring Logan back to the one place he'd swore he'd left for good and reveal secrets his former bosses don't want to know.
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Today it's official. I have had the publishing rights to the John Logan books (and future books) returned to me. What does this mean?

It means that for the first time, I am becoming a self published author. This decision was not made easily but it felt right. The Internet has changed publishing tremendously in the past decade and the ability of writers to take more control over their content and characters was a big factor in my decision.

It also means THE JUDAS MAN  is being put on an accelerated schedule and I hope to have it ready for you in July.

There are some learning curves ahead for me but I know this is going to be a great opportunity for me.




I have multiple lives. My work (i.e. regular job), my home/personal life, my writing life. It's a challenge at times to balance all of them and sometimes I feel like one or more of them get out of whack. When that happens, I have to make changes.

I'm doing that to my writing life. This morning, I began taking steps to making some changes in my writing life. What will this mean for you? Not much, really, except that I think it will open the doors for me to share even more of my stories and thoughts with you. I can't discuss it further right now until the paperwork is signed so stay tuned!

Angry much?

Being an author I have to maintain a presence on social media. This morning I'm scrolling through my feeds and I see 3 different posts telling me something that I need to be outraged about.

Before I walk out my door in the morning, there is someone telling me something I need to be mad about.

And heaven forbid, you don't get mad about it. Or as angry as they think you should be. Then they turn on you and you get called--well, choose any of the common terms: racist, bigot, unpatriotic, Trump lover, never Trumper, liberal, conservative--oh, the list is endless.

First of all, how do you find the mental and emotional energy to be outraged and ticked off 24/7? Isn't that exhausting? I couldn't do it. And let me see if I get this straight: you're walking around angry and upset over something that by all odds, doesn't really affect you anyway? Are you like the people who weren't even Native American mad at the Redskins name? You do know the real honest to goodness…


Today marks eight years since Survivor's Affair, the first John Logan novel, hit the shelves. It was a long process--10 years from the first rough manuscript until I held the cover in my hands. LOTS of rewrites and mistakes and fixing them and redoing those fixes until the end result came about.

There have been five others that followed (number 6 later this year) and I guess the question I'm asked most often is DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE LOGAN NOVELS IN THE WORKS?

No, at this writing. I have a couple of ideas that need developed but one thing I promised myself was that I didn't want to start repeating myself. I wanted fresh storylines and if I find one that delivers, you bet I'll get it out. I was looking to write something concerning the often mentioned Sorenson kidnapping but a computer virus wiped it and my back-up files (I'm now storing things on the cloud).
I love Logan and Coral Bay. I love Teri and Killian and Jake Ross. And I love them too much to write something…


Hey everyone. Just a quick note to wish you all who celebrate a Happy Easter and Passover from me and my family.