COPP FOR HIRE by Don Pendleton

It was with great joy that I learned of the reissue of the Joe Copp series by Executioner series author Don Pendleton. Pendelton was the first author who inspired me as a young man to maybe try this thing called writing. His pulp style combining hard action, a touch of sex (perfect for a pre adolescent boy), and his fast prose, hooked me so much that I read all 38 of the Executioner books before Don quit writing them in 1980. He licensed Mack Bolan to another publisher and then started writing the Joe Copp books.

It's pure detective noir. The setting is more modern but Copp is right out of the Chandler genre. Tough, rugged, with a code of morality all his own. Like Marlowe, Copp finds himself pursuing a case with no client...just his own sense of justice and to make sure things are set right.

My only complaint was the formatting. I had the Kindle version and the formatting was downright awful at times. That is on the publisher, not the author, though.

If you like the detective noir, check it out.


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