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The Sheltering Tree, the third novel in the John Logan series, is back from the editors and is very close to being sent to the publisher. You can look in the book section of this website to get the plot of the book. Right now, I'm working on Logan #4, tentatively entitled INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT. I know, I know, I vowed that I was taking a break from Logan and writing something else. Sometimes, my muse has a mind of its own. I came up with the idea one afternoon while reclined back in my favorite chair and letting my mind kind of wander over nothing and the plot coalesced into clarity. I stopped the story I was working on and immediately started working on it. One thing I've learned in the last two years I've been a published author: don't stifle that creativity. When it comes, when it flows over you, take advantage of it. There is magic in that.
"I still have vivid recollections of putting in day after day of trying a case in front of a jury, which one of the most exhausting activities I know about, dashing up to the law library after court had adjourned to spend three or four hours looking up law points with which I could trap my adversary the next day, then going home, grabbing a glass of milk with an egg in it, dashing upstairs to my s...tudy, ripping the cover off my typewriter, noticing it was 11:30 p.m. and settling down with grim determination to get a plot for a story. Along about 3 in the morning I would have completed my daily stint of a 4,000 word minimum and would crawl into bed."-- Erle Stanley Gardner, creator of Perry Mason Wow. Now that is a writer. Gardner was known as a prolific writer and that reputation was well deserved. He wrote all the Perry Mason novels--as many as 6 a year--plus westerns and other genres. He also wrote travel guides for fun. One English novelist, Anthony Trollope worked fo