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Reviews and comments are coming in for THE SHELTERING TREE: "...Couldn't put it down..." "I intended to read for an hour but ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting!" The book is now available for all formats, including paperback from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Thanks to all who have taken the time to contact me and tell me their thoughts and those who have posted reviews.Kindle is only 4.99! In other news, I'm still working on my golf swing. I never knew a pivot could be so hard. One thing I've also learned: everyone has advice and "tips'. Well meaning as they are, sometimes it's just confusing me. I guess I need to keep it simple when I'm starting out, huh? If I can get the pivot down without raising up (or raising up on the downswing) I hit a pretty good shot. I am enjoying the challenge. Enjoy the weekend.
THE SHELTERING TREE IS AVAILABLE FOR THE NOOK AND KINDLE!!! $4.99 When Mason Killian is caught in a drive by shooting, John Logan vows to find those responsible. But digging will reveal that Logan's enigmatic best friend has secrets...dark and dangerous secrets and will put Logan face to face with the man who wants to see Killian dead. Here's the Nook link: Kindle:
Just in from my Publisher: THE SHELTERING TREE, the third book in the John Logan series, is due to be released April 24th. Hopefully, all of the online book sellers will be on the same page. Any complications, I'll let you know but we expect an easy release!
Wow, where does the time go? Seems like yesterday I posted something and now two weeks have gone by. My apologies. THE SHELTERING TREE is done and I eagerly await the publication in late April. I think it's the best Logan story yet and my publisher agrees. You can check the BOOKS tab to get the plot of the story. Want to wish all of you who celebrate a Happy and blessed Easter. Happy Passover to my Jewish friends. If you've followed me on Twitter (@RickNichols3) or on Facebook, you will know that I've discovered a new hobby: golf. I signed up for lessons through a program where I work (yes, sorry, I have a day job) and they warned me that it would become addicting. I originally did it to try something different and never expected I'd get so hooked but I am. Bought clubs, have been to the driving range once already, and the wife has caught me putting in the living room. My driving is the hardest...I'm raising up on the backswing, I know it. So I keep topping the b