With BULLET RAIN now available (see previous post) I've now turned my attention to something that I've been blogging about for a couple of years now and have never gotten off the ground until now.

I've written about a fantasy idea that I've had and have posted snippets that I've been working on this or that but nothing has ever been announced about it coming out in print. There was a good reason for that: it was never really finished. I'd made several stabs at it with the results never being quite what I wanted. It got to the point that I called my publisher and vented for awhile until he came up with a new concept for me, one that might fit what I really wanted to write.

So, that being said, THE EASTLANDER CHRONICLES was conceived. It will consist of several parts--short novellas, all with a common thread, released one by one as they get written and edited. Part One is called WINTERTOME. It is finished aside from some final edits and I'm working on Part Two entitled WINTERWALL.

Again, these are novellas, running around 30,000 words, separate stories yet tied together with a common thread.

My goal is to have WINTERTOME released by Oct 1. I've decided to release it as an EBook simply because my publisher cannot handle more than one book from me a year (he has other authors, too, and decided it can't all be about me, although I don't know why he'd say that). Publishing it myself as an Ebook will allow me to get some shorter stuff to you faster and allow me to pursue some other things not John Logan related.

Speaking of my ex-spy turned PI, John Logan will be back in 2013 with a new adventure INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT. Meanwhile, if you haven't read the others, they're still out there and still waiting for you to get introduced to Logan. Check them out! If you already have, thanks so much!


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