Hey, gang. Just a quick note to say hi to everyone and to let you know that I've been really busy so a thousand apologies for not blogging earlier.

I'm currently working on two projects at a time--something I don't normally do and normally don't like to do but I'm finding that working on one helps me to get unblocked on the other.

Working on WINTERWALL, the second novella in the Eastlander Chronicles as well as COLD DISH, the fifth John Logan novel.

In addition to writing, there is my normal 8-5 job and domestic duties, my media stuff, golf, reading, and Steeler football.

Which brings me to the point of today's blog.

How do you find time to write? I get asked that question probably more than any other from people, aspiring authors and not. I won't lie--it's a sometimes difficult thing, especially when things pile up, the yard needs mowing, and there's something on tv. My best answer is this. Most of the time when I'm not writing it's not because of work, the yard, or even my golf game. If I'm not writing, it's because of the main hazard of the writer, the one demon-spawn that has wrecked many authors in their quests:


For me, TV is the worst thing as a writer. It can cause you to put off writing easier than anything (Facebook runs a close second.) Even as I write this, I'm wondering what's on TV tonight, knowing that I don't need to know because I have stuff at my desk that needs done (like this blog). I try to read one newspaper a day to keep in touch with things and even that can get put off by TV (although I find the morning news shows not up to par for me at times).

Ever caught yourself flipping through channels with nothing on, still you search? Same here. Eventually, you have to make a choice. TV or writing. Whatever you deem most important will win. An aspiring writer once got angry at me when I suggested that she didn't want to write that book as much as she thought. She protested vehemently but she hadn't written a word in two weeks, yet she had time to watch TV. She had set her real priorities; she hadn't accepted that fact yet.

So make a choice. If you want to write, you have to make that decision to forego some other things and sit your butt down and do it. There's no other way. 


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