IT'S HERE!!!!!

Wintertome, Part One of my new fantasy series The Eastlander Chronicles, is now available on Smashwords in Ebook!

From the East he came, a warrior wielding a black sword on a quest that he alone must bear. He arrives on the shores of Karthia, a seaport city at the edge of a vast Empire that is slowly sinking into the pit of civil war. Short of coin, Cain agrees to take on the task of retrieving a scroll known as Wintertome, a scroll containing dark magic that if it falls into the hands of the shadowy mage who seeks it, will bring eternal winter and darkness upon the land. With the help of new friends Kalil, a thief, and Cortlyn, a beautiful but deadly mercenary, Cain must break into a fortress to get the scroll--and live long enough to get it to safety. All the while the warrior is aware of his true mission and the deadly killer whom he seeks.

Here is the link:

Take a look. I hope you enjoy it!


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