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Thoughts on firearms

I am a gun owner and a supporter of your right to bear arms. But the recent shootings have brought up the gun control/personal carry issues again. As a veteran, a former military cop, and trained extensively in the use of firearms my opinion on having everyone walking around armed is not as simple as both sides have made it. I refer you to an article by fellow author David Morrell who posted a very good blog about guns on his website. Those of us who have spent time carrying a firearm for work know the responsibility that comes with it and the training involved in making sure that you know how to handle situations when you encounter them. Take a read.

Review for The Affairs of Men

Friend and fellow author DG Gass, author of Ghosts of Arlington, did a review for her blog recently on The Affairs of Men. In the second of his John Logan thriller series, author Rick Nichols does not disappoint.  With an almost seamless transition from his debut Logan thriller, “Survivor’s Affair”, “The Affairs of Men” takes the reader through an action packed intrigue that brings the main character and his companions face to face with ghosts from John Logan’s past.  Nichols skillfully incorporated the characters from his first novel into this second of the series and masterfully interwove the two external conflicts in “The Affairs of Men” into a plot with an easy and exciting flow.  The story line was every bit as exhilarating as the first (and I loved “Survivor’s Affair).  If there were any flaws in this, it may be that there were a lot of bad guys to keep track of.  But even that didn’t notably detract from the story. No doubt that I will be looking forward to reading future re


I have no words to express my deepest condolences to the people of Newtown. Please know that you are in my prayers and my family remembers you this night. Already the polticial fallout starts and the blame games begin. Now is not the time for that, America. 27 lives have been snuffed out and parents are hurting. Let us, each in our own way, remember those who are hurting.


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