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Why Do I Write What I Do?

Why do I write what I write? I get asked this question at times and I suppose most every writer gets asked this question sometime during their career. So let me answer it as best as I can. I didn't choose to write what I write. The private eye murder thrillers with hot women and blazing guns and a protagonist whose martial arts skills are as deadly as his gun...or the fantasy stories with a lone warrior wielding a black blade... No, I didn't choose to write those particular genres. The genres chose me, I guess. I write them because that is what is inside me...the same reason that Clancy writes the military thrillers, Stevie King has his monsters, and Patterson cranks out Alex Cross books. We write what is inside us, those characters screaming to be heard, the worlds pleading to be let out and unfolded before your eyes like a magical tapestry. I write about John Logan and his adventures in Coral Bay because he appeared in my head in college and refused to let me go. Cain