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One of the worst things that can happen to a writer is the symptom known as writer's block. When the words or ideas simply won't come. I've had it before and it's never fun. On the other hand you can have the opposite--when the ideas won't stop coming. As I've mentioned, I have finished the first draft of a Logan novel, working on scoping out plots for the III Eastlander story, and sketching an idea or two about a Jake Ross novel. I've also gotten an idea for a crime story that takes place in a fictional town in my homestate of West Virginia. When it rains, it can pour. I kept the prices as low as I could for as long as I could but the Eastlander Chronicles novellas available on Amazon have gone back up to 1.99. I'm going to try to get another sale going after III is published. Of course I have to finish the blasted thing first. Again, thanks to you for your support. It means a lot to me. Rick


Okay, gang, here are some thoughts and updates for you: Super Bowl: Very torn about the game. Being a Steelers fan I am required to HATE the Ravens (that's in the contract when you sign on to root for the Black and Gold). At the same time, if the Niners had won it would have tied them with the Steelers for 6 trophies. I couldn't have that, no way. So with a big catch in my throat, I was glad to see the Ravens pull it off. If nothing else, Ray Lewis got to go out on a high note. Books: INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT, the latest Logan book, will be out about April. Publisher hasn't gotten anything definitive yet, but I'll keep you updated on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter. First draft of COLD DISH, the next Logan novel and sequel to INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT has been completed. It will be out in 2014. I'm also doing some outlining for Part III of the EASTLANDER CHRONICLES, as well as a new story featuring Jake Ross. On a more personal level, I continue working on my golf