Sometimes in the writing business, you have to make some tough decisions and I've decided that I need to make one in consideration of you, the reader.

INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT will be postponed until June. The reason is simple: I do not feel the book is ready.

Even after a book is written there is an extensive process by which the manuscript is read, rewritten, edited, and even rewritten again if needed. Due to issues outside of my control in the editing process, deadlines were missed and the editing process was not done in accordance with my standards that I have set for my work. After consultation with my publisher, who agrees with me, the book will undergo another round of editing and proofing in order that the book will not only meet my expectations but hopefully yours as well.

Preliminary findings from my publisher says that INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT is the best Logan book so far and I want to make sure it lives up to that. I don't want to slap my name on something half-baked merely to meet a deadline and neither does Seven Realms, my publisher.

So I must ask--no beg--patience from you, Dear Readers. I thank you for your loyalty and kind words to me over these past few years. I know that when it's ready, you will enjoy the latest Logan saga!

All my best



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