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Yes, in case you were wondering, I'm back from vacation. Played golf on my first non-Florida course and to say the least, it was interesting. It's nice to go, but always nice to get back. Getting some rave feedback for INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT! Some of the responses I've gotten include "Wow!" "Awesome!" and "When is the next one coming out?" Cold Dish is planned for a December release, gang, but in all fairness, I'm still working on it but I hope to have it ready (hence the main reason for my absence from here). Monday will be my birthday; my daughter is in town to make sure her dad is stuffed tonight before she goes back to begin a new year at pharmacy school. It's a rainy weekend here in Florida and probably not a good opportunity to play some golf but I will survive. I have an upcoming interview with Tommy Hancock's podcast soon and will let you know when it'll be available. Again, a reminder to join me on Facebook or Twi