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As another Thanksgiving fades into memory and Christmas and the holidays approach, this year is going to be different. For the first time in my life, I will spend Christmas without a call or card from my mom. In case you didn't know, I lost my mom in March. She had battled a failing heart for more than two years and in the end it gave out. My father has been dead since 1981 and I realize I've spent more years without him than I have with him. But mom has always been there. When I was in Kuwait, I called her. She was so surprised at how clear the call was. For a moment, she thought I was stateside. When I was stationed in Germany, I called her, and though the miles between us was great, I always knew Mom was there. When her first grandchild was born, I called Mom from the hospital and was the first to call her grandma. I told her she had a granddaughter--she and my dad has always wanted a girl. When my son was born, I videotaped him and my daughter, and some of the sights an

A Thanksgiving Day message

Good morning, all, and Happy Thanksgiving. As I write this, I'm sitting at my desk with a glass of orange juice enjoying the rest of my breakfast. It will be a busy day for me, as I'm sure it will be for you as well. There is food to prepare (and eat) and perhaps football to watch and spending time with family and friends. I have so much to be thankful for this year. Even though I went through the loss of my mom and an uncle (who was like a second father to me), I have been comforted through it all by my faith and the discernment to see His hand in so much of my life. I am blessed with good friends and family. I am blessed to have you, my fans, and to have your support and encouragement. I am blessed with good health and my children are well and have grown up to be good solid and productive adults. I am also blessed with a good wife. Not once in all the years when I struggled to find my voice and too write that first book, did she ever tell me that maybe I should give u

It's here!

Okay, gang, JOHN LOGAN: FOUR IN THE CHAMBER has arrived. The first four John Logan novels in one book has hit the shelves!  Here is the press release from ProSe Publishing! AUTHOR RICK NICHOLS’ FIRST FOUR LOGAN THRILLERS IN ONE VOLUME- ‘JOHN LOGAN: FOUR IN THE CHAMBER’ OMNIBUS DEBUTS An innovative Publisher of Genre Fiction, Pro Se Productions announces the release of an omnibus featuring Author Rick Nichols ’ John Logan, Ex Spy Turned Private Detective. John Logan has found a new home at Pro Se Productions. Cold Dish, Nichol’s debut novel with Pro Se, is the fifth novel in the Logan Series. And now Logan’s first four adventures are also available, all together in one action adventure omnibus from Pro Se Productions. “It’s really exciting,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and Partner in Pro Se Productions, “ to get a chance to publish a series like the Logan thrillers. Rick Nichols has created a world and a cast of characters that are engaging and exciting. Rick not only s

Four in the Chamber

Here is the cover for the new John Logan Omnibus entitled Four In The Chamber . It contains the first four John Logan novels, all redone and typeset! It will be out soon and of course, I'll let you know.     Meanwhile, The newest Logan adventure, Hindsight will be out around April-June 2015, As the day approaches, I'll be giving you some snippets to whet your whistle.   


Hey, gang, Part III of the Eastlander Chronicles continues to trek along. It's going to be a good finish to this story. I got the idea for Cain and his black sword while I was stationed at Ft Leonard Wood, MO. The original thesis of Cain chasing Nyogi was there from the beginning and I'm finally glad to be able to get it out there. When Part III is done, I have plans to submit it to my publisher for them to consolidate all three stories into one volume. With their talented team behind me, I think it will be a treat to get all three together in one. HINDSIGHT, the new Logan novel has a scheduled release date of June 2015. I'm already on the editing and revising phase of the project. Thanks for your support. Peace. R

Blog Tour with Kerry Nietz and Others...

So here is how this author posts a blog and gets two other authors to do the same and so the blogs keep rolling along.  Thanks to Rich Steeves for the invite. So I guess I'm supposed to answer some questions so here we go: 1) What are you currently working on? I have just finished the outline for THE HOUNDS OF WINTER, Part III of my Eastlander Chronicles. In addition, I have the beginning outline for a new John Logan book but the outline is not finished (i.e. I'm not sure how I want the story to finish up, so we're working on it.) As you know, if you've read the first two, we left Cain on his way to Korrin to confront Nyogi, his cousin and rogue Blademaster. Part III will pick up there and follow Cain as he continues his journey. 2) How does your work differ from others in the genre? I really don't like this question because I don't like to compare my work to anyone else's. That can be the death knell of writing hopes or even an idea. The

John Logan Omnibus

ProSe is working to create an Omnibus of the first four John Logan novels. That's right, the first four books in one volume. I will keep you informed how things are coming along and when you can expect it to hit the shelves. HINDSIGHT, the newest Logan novel, is due out in 2015. Again, I'll keep you up too date. Personally, things are fine. Have been active in my church, work is going full bore as usual, and the domestic front is never boring. My wife has recuperated from a broken ankle so I'm glad to have her back on both solid feet again. Thanks as always for your support. Don't forget you can write me at . Heck, I'll probably write you back! Follow me on Twitter at RickNichols3 on go to my author page on Facebook. Peace R
I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July holiday and enjoyed the time with family and friends, and celebrating our nation's birthday. I fired up the grill and managed to get everything done before the heavens opened and a rainstorm hit. That's weather in Florida....sunny one minute, raining the next. It's hard to golf in such unpredictable weather! ProSe has informed me that they are still hard at work on getting the first four John Logan novels redesigned with new covers and trying to fit a print date into their schedule. I admit, it's slower than I would have liked but I also have to remember that ProSe is a much larger outfit that my former publisher. They publish a LOT of books so their release schedule is set over a year out so any changes causes ripples and some major scrambling. Hats off to them for working to get this done. By the way, if you'd like to check out their range of books, ProSe is a leader in pulp fiction and adventure. Check them out at

This and That

Just a few notes on things, gang. First of all, I hope that this post finds you well. --I'm still awaiting the finalization on my John Logan series from ProSe. They are redesigning the covers and will be featuring the series in an omnibus collection which should be interesting. I will let you know when this happens. --The latest John Logan novel, tentatively entitled Hindsight  is due out in 2015. It began as a simple one sentence question: What if Logan...? and kind of grew from there.I'm very pleased with how it turned out. --Right now I'm working on The Hounds of Winter,  Part III of my Eastlander Chronicles short story series. ProSe has agreed to look at them and perhaps put them in a one book collection down the road. --My trusted laptop, which I'm using right now, is slowly beginning to wind down its life. I'm being forced to look into another laptop, but it's like saying goodbye to an old friend. This laptop and I have created a lot of adventures

The John Logan series

Hey there Readers: As many of you know, COLD DISH was published through my new publisher, ProSe. The previous four Logan novels were through Seven Realms, which is no longer carrying my books on their website. I am in the process of securing everything needed for ProSe to take over the entire John Logan catalog; in the meantime, if you order one of the first four in the series and they are out of stock, I sincerely apologize. I am working to get them back on the market as soon as possible. I am told that Amazon still has a few copies in their inventory so I'm hoping that there will not be a long disruption in availability. Again, my apologies for any future inconvenience and I will make sure you get the announcement when the ProSe has them available. I wish you peace and love, R

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey gang. It's a bittersweet day for me. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. I'm thinking of my own mom whom I lost two months ago. For the first time, I can't pick up the phone and call her. I miss her terribly. My daughter surprised her mom by showing up unannounced to take us to eat. I knew about the visit, but I was sworn to secrecy. My daughter has just wrapped up her sophomore year at pharmacy school so she's been unable to come home as much as she'd like to. The next John Logan novel is pretty well finished except for a final edit from me before I send it to the publisher. HINDSIGHT will be out in 2015 if all goes well. As for me, I'm doing well and watching a lot of the Stanley Cup playoffs and golf. My own golf game is improving but not as much as I'd like. Take care for now. Peace and love R

Dealing with the blank page

There is nothing as intimidating as writer's block. Rick, do you mean you get blocked at times? Oh, yeah, baby, I get blocked and I've spent the last several weeks banging my head against the dreaded blank screen. It happens to me once in a while, especially after I've finished a novel. It's happened before and it will happen again. So what do you do? Well, nothing beats sitting down and just writing something, some scene, some story, anything. Many times it's crap and you know it's crap but it helps to get the juices flowing. Some say it's because of the death of my mom that's got me all messed up, but I was blocked before she passed so I can't use that excuse. All I know is last night I sat down with the determination to start #3 of the Eastlander Chronicles and lo, it happened. All is back on track with Rick now. By the way, The next Logan novel should be out in 2015. HINDSIGHT is a good one and I can't wait for you to read it.

A personal note

My mom died last week. It was not a big shock; she'd been in failing health for several years and my brother and I knew the end was coming soon. I rushed home, driving 700 miles in a downpour that had soaked the East Coast. She passed away before I got there. I suppose that most everyone thinks their mom is the best one. I know I certainly had a good one. Gentle and soft spoken with the courage and inner strength of a thousand lions, she became a widow at 49 and worked two jobs for 25 years to keep busy and provide for us. She was a woman of simple tastes, never going for the fancy stuff in life. She never used a computer, never had a cell phone, and her greatest joy was telling people about her grandchildren. She was a woman of faith and she passed that faith onto her two boys. Mom died 4 days after her 81st birthday. I called her to wish her a happy birthday and to let her know that her present--two gospel CD's--were on their way. She sounded strong and her mind seemed

No excuses

Today I saw a video of a guy who lost 140 pounds in 10 months. (It's on You tube if you want to watch it, but you might want to bring some tissues). He had bad knees, a bad back, and walked with the help of 2 canes. Doctors said he would never walk unaided again. One yoga instructor believed in him and through sheer guts and determination he started trying yoga, falling down and getting back up. Now he's walking and running! We have no excuses, gang. Whether it's losing weight (I'm trying to lose 10 pounds) or writing that novel or going back to school, there is simply no excuses. If Helen Keller can graduate college without being able to see or hear, if Seaworld can teach a fish to shoot a basketball, what's your excuse? What is mine? Fear? Usually. Fear of failure. This man in the video failed. He fell and fell and fell and he got back up. Maybe he was at that point where he had nothing to lose even if he failed. Sometimes you get to that point. My first b

COLD DISH is here!

COLD DISH HAS ARRIVED. Pro Se announced the release of COLD DISH on their website and through press releases last night. Here is the AMAZON link: With his home in ruins, his lover in a coma, and his best friend missing, John Logan finds himself injured, alone, and fighting to protect an innocent witness while he works to uncover the truth behind the bombing that has shaken his world. His search will uncover an old familiar killer, a man whose money and power seems endless. It will take all of Logan’s skill and determination to survive. For how does someone who has nothing fight a man who has everything? You can find other links to Smashwords and get more information on Pro Se's website at

A personal note of thanks

As I announced last week, I have a new publisher. Pro Se Productions will be handling the John Logan series beginning with COLD DISH and will also handle some of my upcoming projects I think. Tommy Hancock and the rest of the Pro Se team have been fantastic in welcoming me and I look forward to many years with them. But I cannot let such a moment pass without a few words of thanks to Kent Holloway and Seven Realms Publishing. I first met Kent in a writer's group that we were both a part of and I got to know him pretty well. When he founded Seven Realms I was the first author he called. He'd read some of my first John Logan snippets in what would eventually morph into Survivor's Affair  and he wanted to publish me. It took almost another year of work to get the manuscript down and wow, I learned more in that year about writing than I'd ever had before. I learned how the publishing business works, how fickle and cruel it can be, and I learned the thrill of holding that


Okay fans, here is the big announcement. After four books and five years, the owners of Seven Realms Publishing have decided to take the company in a new direction. So I have teamed up with the good people of Pro Se Productions to continue the John Logan series. I'm very excited about the move and think Logan will be a good fit for him and the Coral Bay crew. Here is the official announcement: JOHN LOGAN THRILLER SERIES BY RICK NICHOLS FINDS NEW HOME AT PRO SE PRODUCTIONS Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of Pulp and Genre Fiction, revealed today the move of a well established series character and author from one publisher  to Pro Se’s catalog and staff of writers. Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se announced that author Rick Nichols, creator of THE JOHN LOGAN series of thrillers, is bringing his seminal mystery/adventure thriller series and its unique leading man from Seven Realms Publishing to Pro Se. “It’s always exciting,” says Hancock, “when we get