Okay fans, here is the big announcement. After four books and five years, the owners of Seven Realms Publishing have decided to take the company in a new direction. So I have teamed up with the good people of Pro Se Productions to continue the John Logan series. I'm very excited about the move and think Logan will be a good fit for him and the Coral Bay crew. Here is the official announcement:


Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of Pulp and Genre Fiction, revealed today the move of a well established series character and author from one publisher to Pro Se’s catalog and staff of writers. Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se announced that author Rick Nichols, creator of THE JOHN LOGAN series of thrillers, is bringing his seminal mystery/adventure thriller series and its unique leading man from Seven Realms Publishing to Pro Se.

“It’s always exciting,” says Hancock, “when we get the chance to bring a wonderful writer, a stunning character, and a great set of stories to Pro Se. This is made even more exciting by the fact that I’ve been a fan of the John Logan books since the first one. When Kent Holloway, the man behind Seven Realms, let me know that his company was changing directions and would no longer be publishing most of its current lineup or taking new titles in the future, he asked if Pro Se would consider taking Rick and his Logan series on. The answer took as long as it took me to type ‘YES!’”

The series by Nichols focuses on John Logan, former Intelligence operative turned Private Investigator. Trying to leave years replete with death and pain behind him, Logan finds his own past coming back to haunt him and a present that keeps slamming him in the face as well. Old friends and enemies, new crimes and mysteries surround Logan as he tries to work forward from a life that keeps pulling him back.

“I seriously,” says Kent Holloway, Owner and Publisher of Seven Realms Publishing, “have always felt Logan would do much better with Pro Se. He's the kind of action hero Pro Se’s readers expect.”

The first John Logan novel from Pro Se will be COLD DISH, the fifth in the series and the direct sequel to the fourth book, INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT. COLD DISH is tentatively slated for release in March 2014 in Print and Digital format. The previous four books will be released two volumes each in two omnibuses within the next year.

Nichols states, "I'm very excited about being a part of the Pro Se team. I look forward to a long relationship and am already working on the next John Logan thriller."

Rick Nichols is the author of the John Logan series of thrillers. He is a former US Army Military Police officer. When he’s not busy creating worlds, he loves reading, golf, guitar, chess, and a friendly game of poker. He lives in Florida.

Visit Rick on his website at

For more information on this release, the John Logan Series, or interviews with the author, please contact Morgan Minor, Director of Corporate Operations for Pro Se, at

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