A personal note of thanks

As I announced last week, I have a new publisher. Pro Se Productions will be handling the John Logan series beginning with COLD DISH and will also handle some of my upcoming projects I think. Tommy Hancock and the rest of the Pro Se team have been fantastic in welcoming me and I look forward to many years with them.

But I cannot let such a moment pass without a few words of thanks to Kent Holloway and Seven Realms Publishing. I first met Kent in a writer's group that we were both a part of and I got to know him pretty well. When he founded Seven Realms I was the first author he called. He'd read some of my first John Logan snippets in what would eventually morph into Survivor's Affair and he wanted to publish me. It took almost another year of work to get the manuscript down and wow, I learned more in that year about writing than I'd ever had before. I learned how the publishing business works, how fickle and cruel it can be, and I learned the thrill of holding that first published novel in my hand.

Kent saw this raw manuscript and he knew it could be great and his vision, both of Logan and Seven Realms, made both successful. He took a chance on me and I am forever grateful.

Kent called me and said that he was taking Seven Realms into a new direction, that he had hated to break it to me, but his own circumstances dictated it and he felt it was the best move for the company. After hearing him, I admit I had to agree. The novels he's looking into are not really stuff that I write about and Logan would be very out of place among the new titles. Kent worked diligently to get my name out and get me a new publisher.

I am forever indebted to him for his faith in me and I treasure our friendship both professional and private. My time at Seven Realms is gone but Pro Se has taken on the challenge and I am thankful. Logan, Teri, and Killian will continue to thrive in Coral Bay.

As we get ready to launch COLD DISH, I have finished the first draft of a new Logan novel. I am so grateful to you, my readers, for your support over the past five years. Peace and love to you.



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