No excuses

Today I saw a video of a guy who lost 140 pounds in 10 months. (It's on You tube if you want to watch it, but you might want to bring some tissues). He had bad knees, a bad back, and walked with the help of 2 canes. Doctors said he would never walk unaided again. One yoga instructor believed in him and through sheer guts and determination he started trying yoga, falling down and getting back up. Now he's walking and running!

We have no excuses, gang. Whether it's losing weight (I'm trying to lose 10 pounds) or writing that novel or going back to school, there is simply no excuses. If Helen Keller can graduate college without being able to see or hear, if Seaworld can teach a fish to shoot a basketball, what's your excuse? What is mine?

Fear? Usually. Fear of failure.

This man in the video failed. He fell and fell and fell and he got back up. Maybe he was at that point where he had nothing to lose even if he failed. Sometimes you get to that point.

My first big fork in the road moment in my life was when I joined the Army. I did it for a lot of reasons but the main one was to prove to myself that I had the guts to do it, to endure the rigors and come out the other side. I was the last one anyone would have expected to join. Certainly not my family. I was scared as hell when I shipped out and I knew it wouldn't be easy. But I did it.

Writing? How many years of trying, failing? It took a challenge from my daughter to put those few words on paper that would eventually be Survivor's Affair.

When I turned 40 I didn't like myself and I knew I had to make some changes. I got contact lenses and started working out. Another challenge and another good decision. Now I have to drop 10 lbs and although I've never had to seriously diet before, I know I will overcome.

So (and I say this out of love, believe me), shut up and start working. You have no excuses, the time for that is gone. There is only the goal before you. How are you going to get there?

Good luck.


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