A Thanksgiving Day message

Good morning, all, and Happy Thanksgiving.

As I write this, I'm sitting at my desk with a glass of orange juice enjoying the rest of my breakfast. It will be a busy day for me, as I'm sure it will be for you as well. There is food to prepare (and eat) and perhaps football to watch and spending time with family and friends.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. Even though I went through the loss of my mom and an uncle (who was like a second father to me), I have been comforted through it all by my faith and the discernment to see His hand in so much of my life.

I am blessed with good friends and family. I am blessed to have you, my fans, and to have your support and encouragement. I am blessed with good health and my children are well and have grown up to be good solid and productive adults.

I am also blessed with a good wife. Not once in all the years when I struggled to find my voice and too write that first book, did she ever tell me that maybe I should give up on this writing thing. John Logan might never have seen the light of day without her unwavering support and for that (and her) I am truly thankful.

Have a blessed, safe, and enjoyable Thanksgiving.



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