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As another Thanksgiving fades into memory and Christmas and the holidays approach, this year is going to be different. For the first time in my life, I will spend Christmas without a call or card from my mom. In case you didn't know, I lost my mom in March. She had battled a failing heart for more than two years and in the end it gave out. My father has been dead since 1981 and I realize I've spent more years without him than I have with him. But mom has always been there. When I was in Kuwait, I called her. She was so surprised at how clear the call was. For a moment, she thought I was stateside. When I was stationed in Germany, I called her, and though the miles between us was great, I always knew Mom was there. When her first grandchild was born, I called Mom from the hospital and was the first to call her grandma. I told her she had a granddaughter--she and my dad has always wanted a girl. When my son was born, I videotaped him and my daughter, and some of the sights an