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"How have you managed to write 6 books about the same character?" That question was posed to me the other day by a fellow writer. This friend is a prolific writer, having written far more than I have but his "series" of books usually run about 3 in each series then he's moving on to something else. He cannot understand how I've managed to churn out 6 books (and working on 7) about the same character. It's easy, really. I love John Logan and the gang. I like spending time in Coral Bay, watching the sun glisten off the bay from the fore deck of Logan's houseboat. I enjoy being at the dojo and watching Logan work out. And who could not love hanging out with the beautiful Teri in a bikini watching her field strip a pistol with the expertise of a Navy Seal? I like Mason Killian with his Armani jackets and nice cars and the ever present Desert Eagle .44. I would say I love him, too, but that usually gets me a glare from behind those sunglasses. Which