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Okay, gang, sorry it's been a while but I'm currently dealing with a major overhaul of my floors. Three weeks ago, thanks to a malfunctioning toilet, our house got flooded, so we've been going through the process of insurance claims and ripping up flooring and right now the house is a disaster, but slowly coming back to normal. My office where I write is a shambles right now. HINDSIGHT was received back from the editor and has been corrected and sent back. I will let you know as soon as it hits the stands. If you don't subscribe to my Facebook page, I invite you to do so. You can hear it there, first. RICK NICHOLS AUTHOR. Working on developing a couple of new stories, one involving a murder solving pastor (we've had priests and even a nun, but never a Protestant pastor). Another is an action adventure involving an assassin which is still in development. And in case you wonder, I'm also working on plotting a new John Logan story. It's hot here in Florid