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Chess and writing

I've been into chess recently. I learned to play when I was about 12. In fact, I can take you to the exact spot where I played my first game. I was never any good. Like most of us, I just kind of moved pieces around and tried to formulate some sort of half-baked strategy of attack while trying not to get clobbered or disturbingly embarrassed in the process. After not picking up a chess piece in a long time, I've come back to study the game with a focus I've never had before. Chess has taught me a lot about life. Mostly it's taught me how to lose. When I was a kid I hated to lose. Be it chess, checkers, Monopoly--you name it, losing made me MAD. I wasn't a very gracious loser. In college, a buddy of mine began to play me a game of chess every night. "You can't get better if you don't play," he'd say and promptly clean my clock. I started postponing playing him. I didn't want to lose. He must have caught on because he eventually said, &qu