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Christmas Greetings

As I write this it's Christmas Day. The house is quiet. The wife is in the middle of a two day shift, my son is exchanging gifts at his girlfriend's house, my daughter is in Atlanta, and I'm here alone. Just me and my grand-dog, who is asleep in my daughter's old room on the bed. Exciting, huh? First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, however you celebrate. I've been binge-watching House of Cards to pass the time, but unlike many of you, I can only take so many episodes of something at one time. I'll watch them all eventually, but not at a 12-hour marathon. Can't do that. My daughter can do it for seemingly days on end but I can't unfortunately. THE EASTLANDER CHRONICLES is due out soon. We're waiting on the cover and I have to proof the final galley before it hits the printer. I'm planning a sequel, if the response is good. Being alone this weekend has given me a chance to reflect on the many blessings I have encountered the p
"My wife made a crucial difference during those two years I spent teaching at Hampden (and washing sheets at New Franklin Laundry during the summer vacation). If she had suggested that the time I spent writing stories...was wasted time, I think a lot of the heart would have gone out of me. Tabby never voiced a single doubt, however. Her support was a constant, one of the few good things I could take as a given. And whenever I see a first novel dedicated to a wife (or husband), I smile and think there's someone who knows. Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot of difference. They don't have to make speeches. Just believing is usually enough."--Stephen King, On Writing Amen, Mr. King. My wife, Lisa, is a CNA specializing in home health care. She deals with sick people, dying people, paralyzed people. During the years that I was trying to put a sentence together she never discouraged me, never said that maybe I needed to take up un

Post Matthew

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I am alive and well following Hurricane Matthew. For some that's a good thing, others...well.... Anyway, my house is fine and family is safe but there are a lot who did not fare as well here where I live. Lots of damage to  A1A and beaches and many of the beachfront homes here. Shops and restaurants were flooded and destroyed and some won't be back. Not only my area, but the Carolinas and Georgia have been hit as well. Lots of repairs and healing to be done. I hope we can put the petty stuff behind us and come together to begin to rebuild stronger than ever. As far as Coral Bay, I'm told they got spared most of it, although the Bay was choppy enough for Logan to secure the houseboat and stay with Teri overnight where they spent the evening watching it rain and making love. As for Killian, I'm sure he's fine. I heard he was in Bosnia on "business" but don't know any more details than that. Stay sa


WHERE DID MASON KILLIAN COME FROM? Someone asked me that the other day. Killian is one of the most interesting characters that I've ever dreamed up in my head. If only it were that simple. A few years before Survivor's Affair began to take shape, I was toying with a story about a former CID guy, divorced with one kid in college, working as a PI. I don't remember the PI's name--probably Nick Diamond or some crap like that. Anyway, I was working on an introductory scene (call it a test scene, if you'd like) that took place in my PI's fav watering hole and all of a sudden my PI had a friend sit down beside him. I had a vision of this guy in sunglasses and an expensive jacket. Very low-key and mysterious. But what to name him? On I-95 heading north from Florida there is a sign for a small town called Killian. I'd always thought that would be a good name for a character. his first name Mason didn't come along until he appeared with Logan. It took me a

Labor Day wishes

Hey everyone. Happy Labor Day to you and I hope it was a relaxing time. It was for me...I had to deal with living in Florida and a Hurricane that came through. Although the brunt of it missed my city, we had to deal with rain and some wind and it made for a rainy wet holiday. Where do you get your ideas? I get that question a lot and my answer is always the same: I have no idea. It just happens. Sometimes I play a what if...what if Logan did this or what if he had a client who did this and then see if there is a story in there to be mined. That's what writing is. It's taking that idea and digging into it, mining the details and nuances out of it; fleshing the characters out until they come alive to you and live in that world and on the page. It's a great feeling when you do that. As I write this the house is quiet. My wife has been quite busy with work lately and has another long day tomorrow so she is in bed early. My son's dog is spending the night with us a

What's new?

Hey, gang. What am I working on? I get this question a lot so here is some things you can look forward to in the future. The Eastlander Chronicles, a series of 3 short stories I did as an ebook a few years ago has been picked up by ProSe Publishing to be made into one book. My publisher in charge, however, is battling some serious health issues right now so I'm not sure about the release date yet. John Logan will return in THE JUDAS MAN.      Hint: What would happen if Logan came home and found a dead man on his boat? I've also got another Logan story called FALLEN IDOL in the third draft phase and am working on another story called THE SORENSON AFFAIR. Readers of the Logan series will recognize this as a case spoken of in the books but no other details have been given. THE SORENSON AFFAIR will reveal a case that put Logan in the spotlight and will team him up with the infamous Luther Voss whom readers will remember from THE AFFAIRS OF MEN. On a personal note, I


Good News! COLD DISH is now available on audiobook! A John Logan Thriller - Cold Dish - A John Logan Thriller by Rick Nichols and read by Daniel Coker is now available  on Amazon.

Some Observations

As I write this, I've just finished a game of chess online with a guy from Spain. That in itself is amazing to me. We have probably little in common; we don't speak the same language, our cultures are different, and yet that is not a barrier when it comes to our common interest: chess. And in case you wondered, I won one and he won one. It's the same with music. You don't have to speak the same language as the person sitting next to you to enjoy good music, whether it's Mozart or Bon Jovi. I'm seeing some improvement in my chess game but it has come through study and hard work. Okay, now to the writing. I have two John Logan novels done. THE JUDAS MAN and another one called FALLEN IDOL which is still in editing stages. So there are plenty of Logan adventures to keep you guys and gals reading for awhile. In the meantime, I'm working on the plotting phase of a new novel...something totally different from the Logan series. It's an ambitious projec


I heard something this week that I've heard dozens of times: "You know, I want to write a book, but..." Do you? Do you really want to write a book, short story, poem, etc.? Good! So why don't you? Well, I have a job and kids and... So do I. I have a full time job and at the time my first book, Survivor's Affair was being written, I was working a part time job as well. Plus being a dad and husband and doing school events and church and keeping the yard mowed.... You get the picture. So how did you manage to write seven books? Seven so far....well it's simple: I made the time. I wrote instead of watching TV. I wrote when I felt like it and when I didn't. I wrote when the ideas were floating in my head and at times I sat down and wrote when there was nothing but a blank screen in front of me. If I had a nice place to write.... Stephen King's first two novels were written on a typewriter perched on his lap in the laundry room of


Hey, Gang... Just wanted to update you on the latest news. I am out of the splint, the sling, and actually played golf last weekend. My arm is about 95% so there are a few things I can't do. No lifting heavy weights and no tight gripping. In a couple of weeks the family gets to go watch my daughter graduate with her doctorate in pharmacy. It has been a long road--eight years of school to get her to this moment. I remember the day I dropped her off at college. I remember that I told her how special this time of her life would be and of the special friendships she would make. With my eyes watering, I left and drove the long ninety minute ride back home. She has succeeded but it has not been easy. I remember her working at Chik-Fil-A and trying to go to school at the same time. I remember her getting the tech position at the hospital and was elated that it gave her time to study during the down times. I remember the calls at the office--the tears of frustration over this professo


Hey, gang. Just an update to fill you in on the latest news. HINDSIGHT continues to get great reviews from you all and I appreciate it so much. I've just completed the first draft of a new Logan novel tentatively entitled FALLEN IDOL. The JUDAS MAN, the next one in the series, is still in editing and final drafts. THE EASTLANDER CHRONICLES should be released by ProSe Publishing sometime this year. All three of the stories will be together in one book. I'm also thinking about writing a sequel. As for me, I had to have surgery on my right elbow (and I'm right handed) so I've had to take a break from excess typing at the computer for awhile. I'm off work until I heal up so that's where I've been. If I didn't have other hobbies to do during the day, and all I had was daytime TV, I'd probably throw my flat screen over the hill. I should be back to my crusty self by mid March. Still working on chess and did another tournament prior to my surgery. W

Why I have a job

From the Wall Street Journal: Last week publishers, copyright experts and other supporters filed amicus briefs petitioning the Supreme Court to hear the copyright-infringement case against Google brought by the Authors Guild. The court’s decision will determine how and whether the rights and livelihood of writers are protected in the future. If you type, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” into Google’s search box, the text and author will be identified for you in a matter of seconds. This is not because Google has ranks of English majors waiting at the ready, but because, over a decade ago, Google made an agreement with a number of great libraries to make digital copies of every book they owned. In 2004 Google sent its moving vans to the libraries and carted off some 20 million books. It copied them all, including books in copyright and books not covered by copyright. It asked no authors or publishers for permission, and it offered no compensation for their use—although in c
INTO THE MAGIC NIGHT is now on audiobook! John Logan can't refuse a cry for help, and when the desperate woman asking for his assistance dies under mysterious circumstances, walking away isn't an option. Who was Danni Peral? Why was she so afraid? Why is she dead? Logan's search for answers will take him beyond the familiar, into a world of desire, addiction, and human exploitation...a world where no one, not even Logan's oldest friends, can be trusted, and no one is what they seem.