Hey, gang.

Just an update to fill you in on the latest news. HINDSIGHT continues to get great reviews from you all and I appreciate it so much. I've just completed the first draft of a new Logan novel tentatively entitled FALLEN IDOL. The JUDAS MAN, the next one in the series, is still in editing and final drafts.

THE EASTLANDER CHRONICLES should be released by ProSe Publishing sometime this year. All three of the stories will be together in one book. I'm also thinking about writing a sequel.

As for me, I had to have surgery on my right elbow (and I'm right handed) so I've had to take a break from excess typing at the computer for awhile. I'm off work until I heal up so that's where I've been. If I didn't have other hobbies to do during the day, and all I had was daytime TV, I'd probably throw my flat screen over the hill. I should be back to my crusty self by mid March.

Still working on chess and did another tournament prior to my surgery. Went 1-3 so it's not bad.

Remember to leave your reviews, email me at logan1348@yahoo.com, and I'll see you soon. Thanks for reading!



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