Hey, Gang...
Just wanted to update you on the latest news. I am out of the splint, the sling, and actually played golf last weekend. My arm is about 95% so there are a few things I can't do. No lifting heavy weights and no tight gripping.

In a couple of weeks the family gets to go watch my daughter graduate with her doctorate in pharmacy. It has been a long road--eight years of school to get her to this moment. I remember the day I dropped her off at college. I remember that I told her how special this time of her life would be and of the special friendships she would make. With my eyes watering, I left and drove the long ninety minute ride back home.

She has succeeded but it has not been easy. I remember her working at Chik-Fil-A and trying to go to school at the same time. I remember her getting the tech position at the hospital and was elated that it gave her time to study during the down times. I remember the calls at the office--the tears of frustration over this professor or this class, or at the usual bureaucracy of a large university. I remember her fears that no pharmacy school would EVER want to accept her and ending up with 3 fighting over her. I remember her white coat ceremony and how proud we all were. I remember our dear friend Kathy who took her under her wing and mentored her, helped her, and was her Gainesville mom. I remember her coming home for the holidays and not speaking to us because she had tons of lectures to watch and papers to write.

She will never know the hours of prayer that has been poured over her. How often her father has started his day by praying for his children. And those prayers will continue as she begins the next phase of her life--residency in Atlanta. Once again I will watch her go and fill the burning behind my eyes, all the while beaming with pride at her for she followed her dreams and let nothing stand in her way.

We are so proud of her, not only for what she has accomplished, but for the wonderful woman she has become.


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