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I heard something this week that I've heard dozens of times: "You know, I want to write a book, but..." Do you? Do you really want to write a book, short story, poem, etc.? Good! So why don't you? Well, I have a job and kids and... So do I. I have a full time job and at the time my first book, Survivor's Affair was being written, I was working a part time job as well. Plus being a dad and husband and doing school events and church and keeping the yard mowed.... You get the picture. So how did you manage to write seven books? Seven so far....well it's simple: I made the time. I wrote instead of watching TV. I wrote when I felt like it and when I didn't. I wrote when the ideas were floating in my head and at times I sat down and wrote when there was nothing but a blank screen in front of me. If I had a nice place to write.... Stephen King's first two novels were written on a typewriter perched on his lap in the laundry room of