time goes by

Wow...Has it been since December since I've graced this blog with my presence? I guess it has. Where has the time gone?

Greetings, everyone. Yes, I am still alive and keeping quite busy. As I write this I have a full plate, including a church drama that I'm in rehearsals for and a chess tournament just a few days away that I'm trying to prepare myself for.

The Eastlander Chronicles is in the process of final cover design with a new artist so I'm awaiting to see what it looks like. I had asked that the proposed cover be tweaked a little which necessitated a bigger process than I had anticipated.

As I write this, today marks three years since my mom passed. Even now, I still miss picking up the phone and calling her. Time marches on, gang, so tell those around you that you love them and get in contact with those to whom you need to reach out. You never know...it could be your last chance.

Three more John Logan stories are in the can and awaiting my publisher's blessings so don't worry...there is more murder and mayhem in Coral Bay a'comin'.

Sorry for the absence and I hope you're having a great 2017.



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