Random thoughts on a Saturday

Good morning, dear readers:

It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Florida. The sun is out, golf may be in my future today, and I have chess to play and words to write as well. I hope this finds you well and loved.

1) I just read an article that says loneliness is becoming the number one problem in America. I find that an interesting thing, since technology has supposedly connected us better than ever. I think people are finding out that it does not replace one on one personal interaction. Go anywhere now and you see the masses huddled on their devices. I'm guilty as well.

As we delve deeper and deeper into cyberspace, we are rapidly losing our ability to establish personal connections with people. Relationships are getting harder and harder to maintain and porn and self gratification replaces marriage and intimacy.

I've stepped back from social media and my phone in an attempt to unplug somewhat from this cyberworld. I know....I'm not exactly an Internet powerhouse anyway. But I'm constantly being bombarded with messages, alerts, texts, sometimes on multiple devices at once. It's too much and unneeded.

Put down the phone and actually talk to someone today. Maybe your spouse, or even better your kids.

2) Another thought: Love him or hate him, (and there are reasons to do both) I've decided instead of bashing our President on N Korea, I'm going to pray for him. Pray for him, those of you of faith, that God will give him the wisdom and patience to make the right decisions. Not just him, but our military leaders as well as Congress. Pray for our military. This veteran appreciates it.

3) Computers and my wife do not go together.

4) Got to spend dinner last night with my son and his girlfriend. She is very sweet and they seem good together. My daughter remains in Atlanta working on her second year of Pharmacy residency. Very proud of these kids o' mine.

5) Lastly, thanks so much for your support and I always welcome your feedback.



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