Post Irma

Hello there.

We are safe and sound after Hurricane Irma battered Florida. Six days without power but we managed to survive and the house is intact.

A shout out to all the Emergency Management people here in the county, first responders, and to the line crews who had the state up to 95% restored in a week. The crew that restored power to my neighborhood was from Oklahoma. I made sure I thanked them.

One tragedy of things was the complete loss of a Logan short story THE SORENSON AFFAIR that I had promised to release perhaps next year. My laptop blew a gasket and though I had it backed up, the backup copy has mysteriously vanished.

I hope that this blog post finds you and your loved ones well. I have friends who have families and friends in Puerto Rico. Please pray or send good vibes and help in any way you can with that devastated nation.




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