Today marks eight years since Survivor's Affair, the first John Logan novel, hit the shelves. It was a long process--10 years from the first rough manuscript until I held the cover in my hands. LOTS of rewrites and mistakes and fixing them and redoing those fixes until the end result came about.

There have been five others that followed (number 6 later this year) and I guess the question I'm asked most often is DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE LOGAN NOVELS IN THE WORKS?

No, at this writing. I have a couple of ideas that need developed but one thing I promised myself was that I didn't want to start repeating myself. I wanted fresh storylines and if I find one that delivers, you bet I'll get it out. I was looking to write something concerning the often mentioned Sorenson kidnapping but a computer virus wiped it and my back-up files (I'm now storing things on the cloud).
I love Logan and Coral Bay. I love Teri and Killian and Jake Ross. And I love them too much to write something that I don't think is worthy. I've seen that happen with a series, even Parker's Spenser books got very inconsistent as the years went by.

The Judas Man is due out this year and I think it's a good one. I plan on more Logan novels in the future.

Anyway, Survivor's Affair was the genesis and it's been a fantastic eight years. I'm working on a new mystery novel that I hope to get out next year, if not with my publisher, then through another venue. Only time will tell.

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