Angry much?

Being an author I have to maintain a presence on social media. This morning I'm scrolling through my feeds and I see 3 different posts telling me something that I need to be outraged about.

Before I walk out my door in the morning, there is someone telling me something I need to be mad about.

And heaven forbid, you don't get mad about it. Or as angry as they think you should be. Then they turn on you and you get called--well, choose any of the common terms: racist, bigot, unpatriotic, Trump lover, never Trumper, liberal, conservative--oh, the list is endless.

First of all, how do you find the mental and emotional energy to be outraged and ticked off 24/7? Isn't that exhausting? I couldn't do it. And let me see if I get this straight: you're walking around angry and upset over something that by all odds, doesn't really affect you anyway? Are you like the people who weren't even Native American mad at the Redskins name? You do know the real honest to goodness Native Americans didn't care, right?

Sometimes I wonder if all this faux-outrage isn't spawning a lot of the violence in our society. People shooting each other in road rage incidents, getting mad at your girlfriend and stabbing her in the driveway. Oh, I know about the multitude of problems--Mental health, opioids, all that factors in. But people seem really angry and they don't always seem to know why. I've seen the interviews of angry people at rallies and they couldn't even explain what they were protesting.

Look, guys, there are causes that I care about, things that I believe, charities that my wife and I support. And the plight of people and the hurting, the lonely, the suffering, all of that concerns me and I help out when and where I can. But I'm not going to get myself worked up into such a lather that I start being a horse's tail to everyone else around me.

Anger, like jealousy or bitterness, can become a cancer to you. I think some people wear their anger proudly, like a badge of honor. So stop telling me what I need to feel or think or act about issues of the day. And for heaven's sakes, take a chill pill. I'd love to be more concerned and scream and shout, but I have stuff to do.




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