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IT'S HERE Finding a dead man on his houseboat was not what John Logan needed. Things have become uncertain with Teri and Logan just wants to know why she's not returning his calls. The last thing he wanted was to come home to a murder. The dead man on Logan's houseboat leaves few clues to who he was or why he was there. Who killed him and why? And why are people suddenly after Logan? Add an enthusiastic reporter snooping around asking dangerous questions and things could get deadly. The investigation will bring Logan back to the one place he'd swore he'd left for good and reveal secrets his former bosses don't want to know. Get it here!


Today it's official. I have had the publishing rights to the John Logan books (and future books) returned to me. What does this mean? It means that for the first time, I am becoming a self published author. This decision was not made easily but it felt right. The Internet has changed publishing tremendously in the past decade and the ability of writers to take more control over their content and characters was a big factor in my decision. It also means THE JUDAS MAN  is being put on an accelerated schedule and I hope to have it ready for you in July. There are some learning curves ahead for me but I know this is going to be a great opportunity for me. Peace, R