Hey gang.

I was given some advice by a trusted writer friend of mine who felt that I needed to branch out and forget Logan for a while and write something else...something as far away from the Logan-esque genre that I could do.

One of the realities of writing in this day and age is that series books often taper off in sales and in some respects, Logan is no exception. My sales aren't climbing through the roof with him anymore and every instinct in my being tells me to forget John Logan and go onto write something else.

And I'm working on it.

But there is this pull...something that keep drawing me back to that houseboat in Coral Bay where a former spy sits and watches the water and tries to make amends for this past. I feel there are more stories to tell and I have decided to tell them in their due time--even if you don't buy them. I fought the urge when I was first published to write for the markets--that's a torture in itself. Vampire novels were the rage at one point and I couldn't write one if I had to. The reason is that I don't read the vampire/monster/paranormal stuff. I cut my teeth on the pulp of Raymond Chandler, Don Pendleton, and Robert E. Parker with some Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Robert Jordan, and Eric Van Lustbader for good measure.

If you've ever read a book on writing or talked to an author you've always heard write what you know. That's not entirely accurate. I write about a lot of things I don't know about--it's called research, but I would advise to write what you like.

I like John Logan and his friends. I like Coral Bay. And as long as I keep getting ideas for him I'll keep writing. A fan of mine told me that sounded good to her. She likes Logan and the gang.

Plus I'll see what else my muse tells me to do.




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