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Hey, gang, I know it seems like forever since you've heard from me. I'm very much alive and well, thanks. There is an actress (Who shall remain nameless) who I have long admired. She was my first TV crush; we are about the same age and I have followed her career over the decades, watched and read interviews with her, and she always came across as being a really nice down to earth person. Until I started following her on social media. Where I found that she is no so tolerant of those who disagree with her and gets downright mean and cruel. I unfriended her but my heart is a little sad. I always thought she was better than that. That's why I avoid politics on social media. My readers are from all walks of life and probably all persuasions. I respect your opinion and you as a person although we might disagree. We can disagree without being disagreeable. A wise saying in these times. Life is flying by. My wife and I went to my niece's wedding and had a small vacay w