Hey gang...Hope all of you are staying safe:

After writing seven thriller/mystery novels it was suggested to me that I change gears and write a "cozy" mystery. Something without all the adrenaline and let my characters sip tea or bake bread or work at some small store and solve a mystery. It sounds good; it really does. After all, I'm in a bit of writer's slump right now and the ideas aren't coming so maybe step outside by box a little bit. Come on, stretch your wings a little. So I got a character in mind, set up a possible murder scenario and managed to get a rough first draft.

And it was as exciting as paint drying.

Cozy, Agatha Christie, call everyone in the drawing room and reveal the murderer.... Yeah, that's not me. You might as well ask me to write a vampire novel or Gone With the Wind. I write what I write.

One thing I didn't want to do with the John Logan series is to get stale and repeat myself. My latest attempt at a new novel, while a novel idea (no pun intended) isn't right yet and needs a lot of work which I'm going to do. This one has been a real slog and maybe the writing gods' way of telling me Logan is soon to come to an end.

Now back to the cozy. What started out as a cozy mystery is turning out to be a thriller with a darker and not so cozy story line. Don't get me wrong, gang, it's a long way from finished the way I want it to be, but it's showing promise.

There is also a kernel of an idea to redo the Eastlander saga into a real novel. I'm letting that percolate.

My best ideas are never forced and some writers work from a state of constant writer's block. What gets me started is a good story...a story that I can get excited about. When that happens, the book writes itself.

Anyway, my point is this. Write what you write and don't apologize for it. If we all wrote the same thing the literary world would be a very boring place.


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