Hey gang...

First of all, I hope you all are doing well in this madness. Hopefully, as things begin to open up, we can get back to some state of normalcy. Eventually.


After my last blogpost in which I detailed how much I couldn't write a cozy mystery involving sipping tea and cute baking etc., I did manage to find the first draft of a murder mystery that I wrote a couple of years back. I wasn't impressed with it too much and after reading it---well, I still wasn't, but I did see the kernel of an idea in it. So after bouncing some ideas off of my good friend Kent Holloway (a great writer in his own right, check his stuff out on Amazon) I sat down and (gasp!) did an outline.

So here I am, working on this thing amid the COVID stuff, work (yes, I'm essential, apparently) and nursing a bad back courtesy of my L5 vertebra. It's going to be a very quiet weekend for me--no golf so it's writing and chess and maybe some TV.

Take care of yourselves.



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