Ten Facts About Me

1) Yes, that's me on the beach near my home. As you can tell from my photo, I'm a Steelers fan. I also love hockey and root for the Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning.

2) I am also employed with the local government where I live, but I hope to be able to write full time someday.

3) I am married with 2 grown children.

4) I am a veteran, having served in the US Army as a Military Policeman. Because of this I have a thing for veterans rights.

5) I love my country but don't trust the government. I consider myself a constitutional conservative with Libertarian leanings. I just want the government out of my life.

6) My writing influences have been Don Pendleton, Raymond Chandler, Eric Van Lustbader, Robert B. Parker, and Robert Jordan.

7) In 6th grade I wrote a short story about a team of astronauts sent into space to blowup an asteroid that was hurtling toward Earth. When Armageddon came out, I said, "Hey, I wrote that in 6th grade!"

8) When I'm not writing or doing accounting stuff, my hobbies are guitar, reading, golf, chess, and an occasional good nap in my recliner.

9) Music is a big part of my life and I enjoy a wide variety of genres. I play guitar.

10) I am a Christian although I know I'm a work in progress. God does love you, because he puts up with me!

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